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We are a new concept of nation. We don’t have a central government or elected officials. Through novelty digital and spiritual technology, we operate under this maxim:
"Stability by means of chaos"


Located in a small
island between
Latin America & Africa

We believe in

Universal Basic Income That guarantees everyone’s needs are met.
Agriculture and sustanability Every citizen will work in these areas at a certain point of their stay in Isotopia.
Isoblock Propietary technology for blockchain based financial transactions and randomized administrative tasks.
Financial Autonomy The liquid assets of the country are in a shared bank account, where all isotopians have a right to access this balance. To make transactions, they will need the approval of other randomly picked citizens through the Isoblock technology.
Politics mediated by technology In the case of political destabilization of order or other matters that require further scrutiny, a comission will be assigned to tackle these issues, through a random raffle backed by the Isoblock technology. All decisions will be voted digitally. All citizens of Isotopia are public servants and have the authority to make decisions and to handle state assets, in complete transparency to their peers.

A true society living in







We want to create an environment where these affections of the past are no more than merely conceptual or ontological, that they finally cease to have a social, political and financial influence over human beings.

Every candidate to a citizenship will be exhaustively examined and will undergo a process of intense psychic insepction, with the objective of eliminating their hateful and discriminatory biases, contextualizing their own cosmological position in the world in relation to planet Earth’s history.

We must do this on order to leave history in the past.

History is a phenomenon to be studied and learned from in a concise manner and not much else.

With these lessons, we must keep moving forward with a firm grasp on the present.